The Brentwood Residents Coalition (BRC) is an advocacy group dedicated to protecting the quality of life for residents of Brentwood. The BRC was formed in November 2009 to fill an emerging void in community advocacy when leadership of the local community council, the Brentwood Community Council, began advocating on behalf of commercial and development interests, at the expense of the residential communities of Brentwood. 

The members of BRC partner with neighborhood groups and individuals on issues implicating the environment and protection of the residential quality of life within the neighborhood and offer their expertise on zoning, land-use, planning and environmental codes and regulations. In doing so, the BRC seeks to “level the playing field” by working with residents to protect their interests when well-funded commercial and development interests seek to exploit local government’s lax enforcement of codes. 

The BRC is also dedicated to promoting the adoption of local ordinances and policies that reasonably balance community, property and commercial interests. Members of the BRC have worked productively with municipal officials and developers to craft and revise City-wide ordinances that strike a fair balance between the competing interests.

The BRC is a member of the Federation of Hillside and Canyon Associations, Inc. (the Hillside Federation), whose mission is to protect the property and the quality of life of the residents of the Santa Monica Mountains and other hillside areas of Los Angeles and its environs, and to encourage and promote those policies and programs which will best preserve the natural topography and wildlife of the mountains and hillsides for the benefit of all the people of Los Angeles. The Hillside Federation, established in 1952, represents over 200,000 hillside dwellers. 

The BRC is also a member of the Westside of Los Angeles Neighborhood and Community Coalition, whose mission mirrors that of the BRC, but whose geographic scope extends throughout the entire Westside.

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